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"I want to say how much I appreciated a visit from a Peer Leader to my office and the support I received in the early days of my EMR! I felt that the OntarioMD Peer Leader Program was very helpful in a number of ways and this was certainly one."

Dr. M. Henderson, Toronto

"The OntarioMD Physician Peer Leader I worked with gave me good advice around workflow, billing and tracking. She also invited me and my staff to her office to see her workflow, and her staff members gave us further advice."

Dr. Richard Chen, Family Physician

"Practical assistance to make better use of our EMR was invaluable, and I would certainly recommend Peer Leaders to other practices."

Dr. David Tannenbaum, Lead Physician, Mount Sinai Academic Family Health Team

"The Peer Leader sessions sped up the learning curve and helped ease the pain of moving to an EMR from a paper based office. We would definitely recommend Peer Leaders to other physicians or practices."

Keele Medical Family Health Group

"Thank you so much for spending time with us and answering all our questions about Accuro®. Thank you also for sharing with us your experience during your migration. It was all very helpful information and we really appreciate it."

Grace Mancenido, EMR Project Coordinator & Systems Specialist , LMC Diabetes & Endocrinology