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Overview of Peer Leader Program

What is the OntarioMD Peer Leader Program?

OntarioMD's Peer Leader Program is a network of over 60 physicians, nurses and clinic managers across the province who are expert users of OntarioMD-certified EMRs and are available to help physician practices realize more clinical value.

Peer Leaders understand the needs and challenges faced by busy community practices. The program provides consulting services that can lead to more efficient EMR use and workflow, optimizing existing EMR functions and accessing additional ones, improved clinical decision support and much more.

Peer Leaders have several years of EMR experience that practices can leverage to advance the quality of patient data in their EMRs to deliver better patient care. They can assist practices in developing EMR enhancement plans that lead to real and measurable improvements.

OntarioMD Peer Leaders also provide guidance to OntarioMD on physician practice perspectives and priorities with regards to the development of innovations and enhancements to current OntarioMD programs.

Thousands of physician practices have already benefited from the mentoring and guidance offered by Peer Leaders. The program is jointly funded by Canada Health Infoway and OntarioMD.