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What Clinicians are Saying About Hospital Report Manager

"The partnership the cSWO Program, and its Delivery Partners, has developed with OntarioMD has realized great benefits for the health service providers and patients we serve. Our collaborative approach to deploy Hospital Report Manager in hospitals and to clinicians supports timely care for patients while allowing health care providers to offer more coordinated and collaborative care. Together with OntarioMD, we are helping the province to achieve its goal of providing an electronic health record for all Ontarians."

- John Stoneman, Executive Lead, cSWO Program

"One of the best features of HRM is the speed of the delivery. As any physician will tell you, processing paperwork takes us away from direct patient care, our personal time and using this technology, we have been able to reclaim some of that time back."

- Dr. Allen Lee, Chief Medical Information Officer and Hospitalist, Halton Healthcare Services

"Through HRM, we know when our patients have been to the hospital, what was done there within hours of it being done, and we receive the discharge reports so we can follow-up with patients right away and prevent future hospitalizations."

- Kavita Mehta, RN, Executive Director, South East Toronto Family Health Team

"HRM has streamlined and expedited the transfer of information from affiliated hospitals. This minimizes the gaps that sometimes occur when patients enter the hospital system and allows me to deliver more complete care for my patients."

- Dr. R. Wyman

"My practice has been receiving eNotifications (ED and inpatient notifications) from HRM and it's been a positive experience. For example, I followed up with one of my patients, a 52-year old male, shortly after he was discharged (I received an ED discharge notification through HRM) and the patient was blown away that I was able to follow-up with him so quickly."

- Dr. D. Kaplan

"The implementation of HRM has been a huge contribution to our ability to provide high quality primary care. I am delighted to receive hospital reports in such a rapid and accurate manner. We are informed immediately when our patients are seen in hospital and we receive their reports and diagnostic imaging reports directly into our EMR through the HRM. I am so pleased to have this safe and efficient system in place. It has cut down on the cost of scanning documents. The flow of the reports directly to the physician is much more efficient. I cannot imagine what it would be like not to have HRM. I hope it will soon be available to all health care providers and facilities as soon as possible."

- Dr. J Philpott

"After 2 to 3 months of adapting, we began to quickly see improvements in efficiency, accuracy, and improved patient care. Implementation of HRM has greatly improved efficiency in my office and significantly cut down the turnaround time to get reports. Instead of 2 to 3 days from dictation to review in my hands, I now get reports from x-ray and dictated medical records reports within minutes of their transcription which greatly improves patient care. These reports are now placed directly in the patient's chart and allows my staff to work on other tasks. With a faster diagnosis I can easily arrange for appropriate surgery or follow-up as needed."

- Dr. D. Rozario

"Our patients can now look forward to having their DI and Medical reports delivered to the Primary Care providers in a very timely manner."

- Daniel Mainville, Program Manager, eHealth, Central LHIN

"I've been using HRM since March 2014. It's great that I get the Greater Toronto Area hospitals' reports coming straight into my EMR. Every physician should get it!"

- Dr. Ian Pun

"The Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre is very excited about sending eNotifications through HRM. This is an excellent win for our patients throughout our community."

- Sisamone (Sis) Phanthasomchit, Director, Informatics & Technology Services, Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre