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Overview of EPEP

What is the EMR Practice Enhancement Program?

The EMR Practice Enhancement Program (EPEP) is a complimentary provincial service designed to help physicians enhance their EMR skills and efficiency. No matter the current level of EMR skill, EPEP offers a current analysis of EMR use, practice workflow and data quality to help physicians move beyond data capture and use information to improve patient care and practice efficiency. It provides hands-on support from Practice Advisors and Peer Leaders, who are expert EMR users, to create an enhancement plan that reflects unique practice priorities, leading to improved workflow, efficiency and patient care.

EPEP is based on OntarioMD's EMR Maturity Model, an evidence-based framework for measuring, understanding and enhancing EMR use.

What benefits will physicians receive from participating in EPEP?

Hundreds of physicians have participated in EPEP, improving their EMR use and gaining benefits like:

  • More efficient EMR use and workflow
  • Optimizing existing EMR functions and accessing additional ones
  • Timely access to information at the point of care
  • Improved clinical decision support
  • Identification of data quality and standardization issues

Real results can be measured and tracked through an EMR Progress Assessment.

What is an EMR Progress Assessment?

An EMR Progress Assessment (EPA) is an evidence-based tool for physicians who wish to assess their current EMR use and make improvements. It asks critical questions spanning three key functional areas of EMR use:

  • Practice Management
  • Information Management
  • Diagnosis and Treatment Support

An EPA is a streamlined and effective online assessment featuring ten key measures mapped against the three functional areas. An EPA is a fundamental component of EPEP and can help uncover hidden gaps for improvement by tracking and measuring progress in EMR use against the EMR Maturity Model.

How do I get started with EPEP?

Getting started with EPEP is easy. Contact OntarioMD at or 1-866-339-1233.

At your convenience, an OntarioMD Practice Advisor will meet with you to discuss the practice priorities that are important to you. You will be guided through an EMR Progress Assessment and a customized plan will be created for you.