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Supporting EMR Vendors

Supporting Documentation for EMR Vendors

Documents that support EMR vendors with HRM validation activities and HRM deployment:

Reference Site Phase

HRM Deployment Planning

HRM Reference Site Phase Guidelines

HRM Vendor Planning Guide

HRM XSD Schema v1.1.2

HRM XSD Schema v1.1.2 - Data Types

Hospitals/IHFs connected to HRM

List of hospitals and IHFs connected to HRM and corresponding report types

For the Clinical Practice

Supporting EMR Vendor Planning for HRM Deployment and Amendment 4.1A Upgrades

EMR vendors are required to deploy the HRM functionality to all customers once the HRM functionality has been approved and is therefore considered Generally Available. Additional information about the Ontario EMR Specification Amendment 4.1 A General Availability.

Customers participating in Ontario's EMR Adoption Program are obligated to upgrade their EMR when releases become Generally Available. All customers must be notified by the EMR vendor in writing (email acceptable) that the HRM release is Generally Available and the vendor must schedule the upgrade date in consultation with the customer. Coordinating deployment of HRM functionality along with other implementation activities for a practice is encouraged where possible.

OntarioMD is working with EMR vendors who have a certified EMR offering by providing the following information via email to inform HRM deployment planning:

  • Schedule of hospitals/specialty cllinics connecting to HRM on a monthly basis
  • Client progress summary for each EMR vendor illustrating progress on key OntarioMD HRM implementation milestones such as signing the Subscription Agreement and the End User Agreement
  • HRM College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO) Validation Guide

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