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Current Specifications

Ontario EMR Specifications contain the business and technical requirements that EMR offerings must meet in order to be certified by OntarioMD.

  • OntarioMD has published a set of EMR Specifications that become effective April 1, 2015. EMR Specification v4.1/4.1A has been restructured from one comprehensive EMR Specification into individual EMR Specifications that collectively represent the major components of Ontario EMR Specification v4.1/4.1A.
  • At this time, the publication of these individual EMR Specifications does not trigger a new validation/certification process for existing EMR offerings that are currently certified for Ontario EMR Specification v4.1/4.1A.

Certification of any new EMR offerings in Ontario will be based on validation according to the current EMR Specifications.

The complete set of documents for the current Ontario EMR Specifications can be downloaded from here.

For more information, please call/email OntarioMD at 1-866-744-8668,