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Vendor Market Share

Market Share by Funded Physician

The Vendor Market Share Report lists EMR vendors/offerings as well as the total number of funded physicians that have notified OntarioMD of having a contract with a vendor.

Effective January 31, 2015, the EMR vendor and EMR offerings market share calculation is no longer determined by the Go Live Declaration (GLD) milestone, but rather is based on the Vendor Contract Declaration (VCD) milestone that has been reported to OntarioMD by funded physicians.

The Vendor Market Share Report more accurately reflects the actual number of funded physician clients for a given EMR offering.

Funded Physicians by EMR Vendor as at December 31, 2016

EMR Vendor# Funded PhysiciansMarket %
TELUS Health Solutions5,64749%
PS Suite EMR Local3,183 
Nightingale On-Demand ASP1,494 
PS Suite EMR ASP831 
Med Access EMR109 
Nightingale On-Demand Local30 
QHR Technologies Inc.2,18719%
Accuro EMR Local1,688 
Accuro EMR ASP499 
OSCAR EMR2,17419%
P&P Data Systems Inc.5194%
Clinic Information System519 
ABELSoft Corporation3833%
Canada Health Systems Inc.3183%
EMR Advantage318 
Indivica Inc.135<3%
YMS Inc.118<3%
Alpha Global IT Inc.61<3%
GlobeMed Local61 
GlobeMed ASP0 
YES Medical System33<3%