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Certified EMR Details

EMR offerings that are certified by OntarioMD are considered "funding eligible" for physicians participating in the legacy Ontario EMR Adoption Program.

Only certified EMR offerings may be connected to provincial electronic health record (EHR) Solutions and Services such as the Ontario Laboratories Information System (OLIS), Hospital Report Manager (HRM) and future provincial EHR Solutions and Services, as they become available.

To become certified, an EMR vendor must demonstrate that the EMR offering meets Ontario EMR Specifications and complies with additional requirements such as those relating to privacy and security practices, service levels and other obligations contained in their agreement with OntarioMD.

All certified EMR offerings must continue to comply with the Ontario EMR Specifications as they are updated from time to time in order to maintain their "certified" status.


Current OntarioMD EMR Certifications

EMR Specifications 4.1A
Core EMR Specification v4.2
EMR - OLIS Specification v4.2
EMR - HRM Specification v4.2
EMR - CDM Specification v4.2

Ontario EMR Specifications were restructured in April 2015 from one comprehensive EMR Specification (v4.1A) into several individual EMR Specifications, each referenced as v4.2.

EMRs that were validated by OntarioMD as complying with v4.1A are certified, as are those more recent EMR offerings that have been certified according to the current, individual EMR Specifications (each at v4.2).


The Certified EMR Offerings table below lists the EMR vendors and their certified EMR offerings by type and certificate status. Additional information is available by clicking on the EMR offering name.

The Version/Build is the version of the software that was assessed and validated by OntarioMD for certification. Physicians must be using the specified version/build (or a more recent release) in order to be using the certified EMR Offering.

For more information about Ontario EMR Specifications, please visit the Specification page.


Other Information about EMR Offerings

The following information is provided to assist you: