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Vision, Mission, and Values

OntarioMD's culture is anchored in a clear vision, mission and a set of values essential in delivering next-generation EMR technologies, products and services. Across Ontario, we strive to make a meaningful impact to support physician practices and the patients in their care.

Our Vision

Realizing the power of electronic medical records for a healthier Ontario.

Our Mission

Helping physician practices advance electronic medical records, products and services so that collectively we enhance the delivery of patient care.

Our Values


We seek to initiate opportunities and act as a catalyst for change. We identify EMR technologies, products and services that support and enable physician practices to deliver quality patient care to sustain continuous improvement. We are thought leaders. Valid data, rigorous analyses, external perspectives and sound logic serve as our foundations for EMR innovation.


We lead by working across all levels of the health care system to enable change. We respect our stakeholders and partners and seek to work collaboratively to address eHealth system challenges and needs.


In all we do, we seek to first understand and address the needs of Ontario's physician practices and the patients they treat. We are relationship driven and seek active partnership. We pursue excellence and pay attention to the finest of details. Our approach is built on integrity.


We adhere to the highest professional and ethical standards. We manage physician and Ontario health care system resources cost-effectively. We are dedicated to quality and continuous improvement.