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Company Overview

Your Trusted Advisor for EMR Technologies, Products and Services

OntarioMD has been very successful in supporting physicians in the selection, implementation and adoption of EMRs. Over 13,000 physicians are enrolled in its programs. OntarioMD has a proven track record of developing and implementing award-winning connectivity to EMRs in its Hospital Report Manager (HRM) and eNotifications applications that enhance the value of certified EMRs. OntarioMD will continue to add report types to HRM (e.g., Ontario Telemedicine Network telehomecare reports) and roll out applications such as eConsult, eReferral, and an EMR Dashboard, in addition to deploying the Ontario Laboratories Information System (OLIS), to physician practices. To ensure that the future clinical and usability needs of physicians' practices are incorporated into EMRs to support the evolving health care environment, OntarioMD also manages the EMR Specifications and the EMR Certification Program.

While OntarioMD is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Ontario Medical Association, it is not funded by the OMA through members' dues. It receives funding from the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care.

OntarioMD can introduce you to a suite of EMR resources that give you:

  • A consultation and a customized plan to get the most benefit from your certified EMR
  • Connectivity to provincial electronic health care applications to support informed decision making
  • Advice and guidance on EMR best practices
  • Practice Enhancement Plans to optimize your EMR use
  • Access to OntarioMD Practice Advisors
  • Guidance from physician, nurse, and clinic manager Peer Leaders who are experienced EMR users and understand your practice needs and challenges

Getting the most from your EMR

During the course of a day, you make hundreds of clinical decisions that impact the health and wellness of your patients. At the same time, you're running a busy physician practice. This puts even more pressure on you to ensure efficient clinical workflows, reduce the administrative burden, keep costs down and continue to deliver the highest quality patient care.

At OntarioMD, we're helping thousands of physician practices, just like yours, get the most out of their Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) to:

  • Enhance patient care
  • Improve patient safety
  • Get access to the most current patient information
  • Enhance practice efficiencies
  • Reduce administration
  • Secure access to health information

OntarioMD delivers a trusted certification management service that assesses, monitors and manages EMR vendors and their products for compliance with the Ontario EMR Specifications - so you don't have to.

That means that you will have better access to innovative, provincially-compatible electronic health information products and services - integrated right into your certified EMR!

Take advantage of OntarioMD EMR resources

Connect to the Latest Patient Information

Hospital Report Manager (HRM)/eNotifications

Hospital Report Manager is the Winner of the 2015 Canadian Health Informatics Award for Innovation in the Adoption of Health Informatics. Join thousands of physicians using HRM today, and follow up with your patients faster after an emergency room visit.

  • Receive medical record and diagnostic imaging reports electronically from hospitals and specialty clinics right into your EMR, eliminating paper reports
  • Know when your patient has been discharged from the Emergency Department or admitted or discharged from in-patient unit with real-time eNotifications

Ontario Laboratories Information System (OLIS)

  • Access the latest lab results for your patients or perform a patient query
  • Make more informed clinical decisions for your patients
  • Facilitate better coordination of care between practitioners
  • Improve workflow and reduce paper

Health Card Validation in real-time at

  • Validate the eligibility of a patient's health card against the ministry's databases in real-time; response time is within a few seconds
  • Receive a response code which indicates the patient's health card number status and OHIP eligibility

EMR Practice Enhancement Program (EPEP)

Save valuable time and resources, and keep up-to-date with the evolving eHealth landscape.

OntarioMD Practice Advisors have worked with thousands of physician practices across Ontario to successfully adopt a provincially certified EMR. Now, we're committed to helping you get the most benefit from your EMR.


EPEP is available to all physicians and their staff who use a provincially-certified EMR, regardless of their previous participation in any of OntarioMD's programs.

EPEP offers you a comprehensive suite of self-directed and consultative services. Our Practice Advisors will help you learn to use your EMR to manage your practice more effectively, tailored to the way you practice. You can advance at your own pace, optimizing your EMR use to enhance patient care.

Peer Leader Program

Accelerate your success by engaging an OntarioMD Peer Leader who understands your practice needs and the challenges busy practices face.

Peer Leaders are physicians, nurses, and clinic managers with expert EMR skills. They provide active support and guidance in achieving clinical improvements through enhanced EMR product use specific to a community-based physician's practice.

OntarioMD Peer Leaders provide guidance on physician perspectives and priorities to influence the development of innovations and enhancements to current OntarioMD programs.

New and innovative products and services are underway!

OntarioMD is developing a multi-year roadmap for EMR products and services.


Send a question to a specialist and you may avoid the need to refer a patient for diagnosis or treatment. Up to 40%1 fewer patients needing to wait for an in-person specialist visit.


Electronically refer your patients and transfer patient records to other clinicians or organizations.

EMR Dashboard

See visual representations of clinical indicators across your patient roster, at-a-glance and on one screen.

Download a copy of our corporate brochure.

1 Liddy C(1,)(2), Deri Armstrong C(3), McKellips F(1), Keely E(4), A comparison of referral patterns to a multispecialty eConsultation service between nurse practitioners and family physicians: The case for eConsult, J Am Assoc Nurse Pract. 2015 May 12.